Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mrs. Kunkle and President Obama

Welcome Back Mrs. Kunkle.  We were so happy to see you when you visited our room during breakfast today!! Stop back soon to see us working so hard!

Mr. Michaels showed us President Obama's Speech today.  We really enjoyed watching it and talking about it with him.  We are going to work hard in school just like he said!!  Miss Bennett says we have already been working hard!!

Reminders for Parents:
1.) The weather is getting chilly.  Please dress your child accordingly.  We do go outside everyday.
2.) If your child is sick, please keep him/her home.
3.) The first Book-It papers of the year will be coming home tomorrow (Oct. 1st).  Get ready to read books and earn free pizza from Pizza Hut!
4.) October 2nd is our Walk-a-Thon.   Please send in donation envelopes if you haven't done so already.
5.) Picture Day is Monday, October 5th... don't forget your payment envelopes if you plan on ordering pictures!!

**Stay tuned for pictures of us holding the last of the butterflies!  We all got to hold one on our fingers!  It was great! Miss Bennett is working on a slide show to post on our blog of all the butterfly pictures!!**

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3 more butterflies... and goodbye to Mr. Gonsar

We are in the computer lab right now!  We are helping Miss Bennett type on our blog!  Here is what we did today!

3 more butterflies hatched today!!  We got to see one of the butterflies come out of its chrysalis!  We are going to go outside and let the three new butterflies fly away!!  We are still waiting for one more to hatch!

Here are some pictures!

These are some of the books we read about butterflies!!

One more thing...  Mr. Gonsar is leaving us today.  We will miss him.  He helped us in the lunch room and would stop by in our classroom often.  Thanks to Mr. Gonsar for all his hard work!!  Mrs. Kunkle will be back tomorrow!

Goodbye..... from the computer lab.  Time to let the butterflies go and then get busy working at centers!!

New Class Picture!!

We took a class picture today.  Andre' and Mia are absent, so we will have to take another one soon!  We were on the carpet practicing rhyming words.  We know that words can rhyme if they sound the same at the end!!  Nursery Rhymes like "Humpty Dumpty" have helped us to practice rhymes!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Butterflys and Fire Drills

Hi Everyone!!  We had a very busy day today!  We started the day with a butterfly that hatched. It was so exciting.  We are so glad Domanick brought these in for us.  We let the butterfly go outside.  It flew away into the top of the tree!!  We have four more that we are still waiting on!!  

In the afternoon, we had a fire drill.  The alarm was very loud... but we walked quickly and quietly.  We did a very nice job!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hello Neighbor!!

We practiced our "Hello Neighbor" song with Mrs. Edler's class.  It was so fun to have new partners to greet and boogie on down!!!  Parents... I bet they could sing this song for you!!  They are soooo good at it!!!

Bathroom Rules

We worked on our bathroom rules with Mrs. Kelsey's Class on Friday!!  It is important for us to remember these rules when we leave Miss Bennett's room and use the bathroom across the hall.  These rules will keep us healthy and keep the bathroom clean!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


We had an awesome assembly today called: SkyDome.  Guess what... we got to go inside the dome!  First, we had to crawl through a tunnel to get inside.  It was so fun!  It was a little dark inside, but we saw lots of stars and learned about constellations!  Here is a picture of what the SkyDome looked like!  Thank you CSA for sponsoring such great events!!  We had a great time!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Great Day!

We had another great day today!  Kindergarten is so much fun!!  Look at Ava's socks... they are patterns!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hi Parents!  We tried to post in the computer lab today as a class... but it wasn't working.  Mr. Michaels is working on fixing it for us.  So, here is a little bit about what we did today...

Today we learned about patterns.  We practiced all kinds.  We even read a book about patterns and learned a song about patterns!!  You can practice patterns at home anytime!!  Try to spot them around your house!  You can even make them on paper or use objects around your house to create them!!  Try this:  buy a colored cereal like fruit loops.  Next, use the little circles to make patterns.  Try: red, blue, green, red, blue, green, and then try many many more!!  When you are done... eat them!!

Look at us making patterns:





Happy 6th Birthday Koki!!

Koki had a birthday this past weekend!!  She is the first person in our room to turn 6 years old.  We celebrated on Friday and had a fun time!!  Happy Birthday Koki!!

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Domanick brought in caterpillars for us to watch.  We saw one of them actually making its chrysalis!!  Look, there is just one left to make his chrysalis!  He is hanging like the letter J!  We can't wait until they turn into butterflies!!

Thanks Domanick!!

Some of our Projects!!

We sorted the boys and girls into groups that are the same.  We have 12 girls and 11 boys!

We worked together during interactive writing time to create our rules.  Now we are busy learning to follow all of them while on the carpet.

We mixed colors!!!

Pretzel Math!

Here we are using pretzels to add, subtract, make shapes, and make tally marks!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Math Time!

We were busy learning our shapes and how to sort them!  We also made 'shape pictures'!!  Kindergarten is sooooo much fun!!!


Our New Class Picture!!

Computer Lab

We are at the computer lab right now!!!  We are all playing on Starfall.  This is a great website for us to use at home too!!  It helps us to practice our letters and letter sounds.  The site is:

 Thank you for all of your comments on our blog so far!  We loved reading them today!!  Miss Bennett is taking our class picture today!  She will post it later! 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Names, ABCs, Colors, and Shapes

Well Moms and Dads... did your students tell you we painted on Friday??  It was so fun.  We mixed colors to see what would happen.  We learned that blue and yellow make green... and red plus yellow makes orange!!  We didn't even make a mess!!

This week we will mostly be working on writing our names, practicing our ABC chart, and doing fun things with colors and shapes! 

Two important dates:  1.) Monday is a CSA meeting at 7pm in the library!  Please consider attending.  2.) Book orders are due Friday.  Send them in with payment any day this week!

Have a great finish to your weekend!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Posting Comments to our Blog

Hi Parents!!  Some of you have asked me how you can leave us a comment.  We would love to hear from you because we will be checking our blog in the computer lab twice a week!!  Here is the easiest way I know on how you can leave a comment for us...

Read the posting you wish to comment on.  Directly under each post that I make... there is a little pencil with the word "comments".  It may say 0 comments or 1 comment, etc.  Click on that spot.  A box will come up for you to type in.  If you do not have an account... just choose to comment as 'anonymous.'  This will allow you to comment.  What I ask that you do is type your note to us in the box and then sign your name.  If you put your name right in that box with the message... we will know who the comment is from even though you are 'anonymous.'  You will then publish your comment.  The site will send it to me first for you will not see it on the page instantly.  Let me know if you have any trouble with this!! 

Thanks so much for your interest!!
: )  Miss Bennett

New Routines!!

We are working so hard in kindergarten!  It is hard work getting used to all of the new routines and expectations.  The kids did a great job in the computer lab yesterday!  Today we worked with our Second Step Program and talked about feelings!  We will have two weeks done in no time!!  Here are some pictures from our math lesson today.  We were sorting colors after reading the book: "Cat's Colors."

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend! Everyone did a wonderful job during the first week of school! I look forward to tomorrow and practicing all of our classroom routines together! Make sure to check out our school website! I updated the kindergarten newsletter and first day of school sections!!